Opportunity: Washington State University Senior Design Capstone in Computer Science and Software Engineering Projects

Senior Design Capstone in Computer Science and Software Engineering

The WSU capstone program is currently seeking companies to sponsor a design project for computer science, computer engineering and software engineering students. This two semester program will provide your company with a team of 3-5 seniors to design solutions for your company.  With an academic and industry mentor, each team will provide an analysis and prototype of your company’s project, giving them a chance to apply their knowledge to a real-world challenge, and providing your company an opportunity to work closely with talented students who are potential employees. The courses are designed to have the students work the entire engineering cycle to deliver a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

The course involves many stages of client outreach to establish the project requirements, documenting solutions, and engineering execution to develop their alpha and beta products. A general outline of the course follows this two semester arc:

First Semester

  • Project Motivation
  • Specifications and Requirements
  • Solution Plan Development
  • Product Testing Approaches
  • Alpha Prototype Development
  • Presenting Alpha with Feedback from Mentors and Client

Second Semester

  • Revision to Solution Design
  • Revision to Testing Approaches
  • Update to Requirements
  • MVP Development
  • Packaging and Delivery to Client
  • Presentation of Final Project to Industry Judges in Competition with their Peers

Given the growing computer science program at WSU, we now have two significant cohorts of students in senior design each year. One group starts in Fall (August), the other in Spring (January). Each cohort needs projects, so companies have flexibility in finding the right time to start a project with our students. Engineering mentors from all specialties are a powerful resource for student teams. Sponsors are asked to provide a $5,000 donation to cover all direct costs associated with the project including student travel to your facility, required materials, and support for the capstone program.

We invite you to learn how your company can benefit from sponsoring a team and help Washington State University provide a talented workforce for our state and region.

For more information, please contact:

Aaron S. Crandall, PhD, Clinical Associate Professor, School of EECS

acrandal@wsu.edu / 1.509.335.4018