Weekly Clean Energy Transformation Act (CETA) Bulletin

Source: Department of Commerce, November 4, 2019.

Comments on energy assistance programs (Section 12) open until Dec. 4

A discussion draft following the low-income and equity workshop, being held Nov. 4 in Tacoma, will be posted by Nov. 8 and held open for comment until Dec. 4. The discussion draft will be used to develop a set of guidelines for implementing the requirements in RCW 19.405.120 of the Clean Energy Transformation Act (CETA). The guidelines are meant to provide definitions and other processes necessary for compliance with this section and will be available by Jan. 2020. Please check the CETA website for further information.

Nov. 13 workshop will focus on potential rules for planning

The Nov. 13 CETA rulemaking workshop will focus on potential rules to implement the two planning sections of Senate Bill 5116: Section 6 and Section 14. This discussion will build on the Sept. 18 workshop and the written comments submitted by stakeholders on Oct. 30.

All comments are posted in our comments library. A more detailed agenda will be posted before the workshop, and an option for remote participation will be available.

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