UPDATE: Washington Election Results

Source: Brad Boswell, CleanTech Alliance Lobbyist, November 15, 2019. 206.300.6270, brad@boswellconsulting.org.

This will be the final election update.

The Secretary of State has until December 5th to certify the elections. There are 4.5 million registered voters in Washington State.  Right now counted turnout stands at 44.62%. So far, 2,009,657 votes have been counted.  It appears there are approximately 14,829 votes still to be counted statewide. 

Statewide Elections

Special Legislative Elections  

40th District (Whatcom County) – Senate

  • Liz Lovelett (D): 70.03%
  • Daniel Miller (R): 29.86%

13th District (Yakima) – House 

  • Alex Ybarra (R): 74.73%
  • Steve Verhey (D): 25.03%

Ballot Measures

Referendum No. 88: This was a very close vote however the supporters of the affirmative-action measure have conceded defeat. 

  • No: 50.56%
  • Approve: 49.44%

Initiative 976: This initiative sponsored by Tim Eyman will limit car tabs to a maximum of $30 dollars unless voters approve a higher tax. It is not clear yet what the total impact of I-976 will be. Litigation is expected, yet the timeline is unclear. At this point, most people expect legislative proposals related to I-976 will be considered in 2021, However, the litigation process may force this issue to be before the legislature in 2020. 

  • Approve: 53.04%
  • No: 46.96%

Seattle City Council 

This business community was successful in only 2 of 7 races, District 4 and District 5. The momentum business had going into this election was overshadowed by a narrative created from the left regarding large spending by the business community. This gained significant attention from presidential candidates like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. 2020 will be a challenging year for the business community in Seattle. 

District 1 (West Seattle/South Park)

  • Lisa Herbold: 55.72%
  • Phil Tavel: 43.9%

District 2 (Southeast Seattle/Georgetown)

  • Tammy Morales: 60.45%
  • Mark Solomon: 39.06%

District 3 (Central Seattle)

  • Kshama Sawant: 51.78%
  • Egan Orion: 47.75%

District 4 (Northeast Seattle)

  • Alex Pedersen: 52.02%
  • Shaun Scott: 47.63%

District 5 (North Seattle)

  • Debora Juarez: 60.6%
  • Ann Davison Sattler: 39.03%

District 6 (Northwest Seattle) 

  • Dan Strauss: 55.61%
  • Heidi Wills: 43.88%

District 7 (Pioneer Square to Magnolia) 

  • Andrew J. Lewis: 52.95%
  • Jim Pugel: 46.59%


Much different than in Seattle, in Tacoma the business-backed candidates prevailed in all four races.

District 1

  •  John Hines 51.5% 
  • Nathe Lawver 48.14% 

District 3 

  • Keith Blocker 64.01%
  • David Combs 35.18% 

District 7 At Large 

  • Conor McCarthy 69.44% 
  • Courtney Love 29.84% 

District 8 At Large 

  • Kristina Walker 59.14%
  • John O’Loughlin  40.32%


In the Mayor’s Race, Council President Ben Stuckart was opposed by former TV broadcaster Nadine Woodward.  Woodward was supported by a majority of the business community in this hotly contested and often bitter race.  Stuckart was supported by a few businesses as well as all labor and environmental groups. The business community spent an unprecedented amount in this race.  This was very close, but it appears Woodward has won.

Spokane Mayor

  • Nadine Woodrawrd 50.66%
  • Ben Stuckart 48.75%  

There was also a very contentious race for council president between Cindy Wendle and Breean Beggs.  The business community spent a significant amount in support of Wendle. The race was very close however, Cindy Wendle conceded Thursday night after her opponent Breean Beggs extended his lead in the race to more than 500 votes.

City of Spokane Council President 

  • Breean Beggs 50.18%
  • Cindy Wendle 49.4%