HOTSTART announces new EVRHEAT Series 20 Forced Circulation Engine Heater

Source: HOTSTART, Dec 2019

HOTSTART is pleased to announce the new EVRHEAT Series 20 Forced Circulation Engine Heater for genset applications in the United States and Canada. The EVR20 is designed to pre-heat and maintain engine temperature in generators up to 20 liters in size while in standby mode.

The EVR20 has been designed and built with efficiency, versatility, and reliability in mind. A new operator display shows current status of the heater such as whether the element is powered on and whether the pump is circulating coolant. Integrated controls and sensors monitor the status of the heater and coolant; if an air pocket or other fault is detected, the heater deactivates power allowing the users to safely resolve the fault and reset the heater.

Installation is further simplified with an adjustable 180° swivel inlet hose barb, accommodating plumbing requirements in confined areas and allowing for easier field retrofits. 

HOTSTART will start taking pre-orders for the EVR20 starting December 1, 2019 and will ship product to customers in the US and Canada starting in January 2020.

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