Commentary: Which Industry Offers The Safest Jobs In America – Nuclear Or Logging?

Source: James Conca, Forbes, Dec 13, 2019

The most dangerous job in America is logging, with over 132 fatal injuries per 100,000 workers. The next nine most dangerous jobs, with fatality rates between 10 and 100, are: commercial fishing, aircraft pilots, roofers, trash collectors, steel workers, truck drivers, farming, construction worker supervisors (yes, just the supervisors), and groundskeepers.

The safest job in America is in the commercial nuclear industry, with less than 1 fatal injury per 100,000 workers – in fact, it is near zero. One has to go back and integrate 10 years to get to 1 fatal injury per million worker-equivalents. Nuclear is also one of the best paying of any job sector.

Other lists of safest jobs never include nuclear, probably because of inherent bias and ignorance, or maybe because most just lump nuclear with other energy jobs like natural gas, which is completely wrong. Nuclear is a thousand times safer than any fossil fuel, and is a hundred times safer than even wind and solar.

The other safe jobs include accountant, actuary, computer systems analysts, dietitian, interpreter, mathematician, medical records tech, paralegal, statistician, and web developer, all of them about 10 times more dangerous than nuclear.

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