Commentary: A Low Carbon World Requires Corporate Leadership

Source: Elizabeth Sturcken, Environmental Defense Fund, Forbes, Dec 19 2020

In the wake of the failure of the UN Climate Conference in Madrid, it is even more urgent and critical that global business lead the way – showing a path forward for prosperity and a thriving planet.

While it is critical for governments around the world to act on climate change using markets to make faster, deeper cuts in pollution and negotiate to get the rules right to ensure environmental integrity, the reality is that those actions will not be enough. The UN recognizes that current governmental commitments are not sufficient, especially given our global political realities.  We need companies to lead now more than ever.

The world has only a decade more to cut emissions in half. Will businesses play a role today in helping to solve this problem?

Businesses know the reality of climate change- how floods, droughts and wildfires are impacting their supply chains, customers, and operations. Meanwhile customers and employees are part of the Youth movement clamoring for change. 

Coming out of the Climate Conference, businesses cannot wait for more aggressive climate commitments from governments to reduce their own carbon footprints. Corporate leaders cannot wait for the UN to define rules around international climate action and carbon markets to invest in carbon-reducing projects, technologies, and strategies around the world.

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