Hexas Biomass 2019 Year in Review

Source: Hexas Biomass, Jan, 22 2020

2019 Highlights
February Signed Supply Agreement.
April Three different ecotypes of Hexas’ Xano Grass™ planted at the University of Illinois’ Bioenergy and Crop Sciences lab as part of Hexas and U of I’s energy biomass evaluation project.
May Hexas accepted to Cascadia Cleantech Accelerator. Hexas contracts with Agrofil for 5-year research project on giant reed. Planted 25 acres of giant reed in Hungary for Supply Agreement.
June Prototyped giant reed energy briquettes with Ruf Briquetting.
July Hexas CEO is guest on Nori’s Reversing Climate Change podcast. Signed agreement for biochar prototyping with Polytechnik.
August Signed consulting services agreement.
September Won the 2019 Standout Company Award at the Cascadia Cleantech Accelerator pitch competition.
October Won prototyping grant from Cleantech Alliance for hybrid (giant reed & wood) board production with Washington State University.
November Won 2nd place at Women in Cleantech & Sustainability Pitch Competition
December Located local research farm for production and testing of Hexas’ proprietary Xano Grass™ ecotypes. Started prototype testing of Xano Grass™ for small animal bedding with Lignetics.Started negotiations on our 2nd supply agreement.
2020 Upcoming Events
February Hexas CEO speaking at the International Biomass Conference in Nashville. First harvest of Xano Grass™. Resulting feedstock from this harvest will go mostly into particle boards under our 1st supply agreement, with a small portion be made into biochar by Polytechnik for testing and grading as a biochar product.
March Hexas CEO speaking at the Panel & Engineered Lumber International Conference & Expo in AtlantaHexas CEO speaking at Wood Bioenergy Conference in Atlanta