Weekly Clean Energy Transformation Act (CETA) Bulletin Jan 27

Source: WA Commerce, Jan 27, 2020

Commerce and the Utilities and Transportation Commission (UTC) will convene a joint workshop on  the low-income Energy Assistance Program on Jan. 28

On Jan. 28, the UTC and Commerce will hold a workshop on energy assistance [RCW 19.405.120]. Topics will include definitions for “low-income,” “energy assistance need,” and “energy burden” and reflect recent comments from both the Commerce public comments collected on Dec. 6, 2019 and the UTC Energy Independence Act (EIA) docket.

The meeting will take place at UTC headquarters.

Commerce and UTC will convene a workshop on equity and the utility planning process

The UTC and Commerce will convene a joint workshop on Feb. 5. This workshop will focus on equity provisions in the transition to 100% clean electricity, and the equitable distribution of benefits in the utility planning process. Details will be provided later.

Another joint workshop – this one on the rate impact provision in CETA

RCW 19.405.060(5) requires rules by Commerce and the UTC establishing the methodology for calculating the incremental cost of CETA compliance. Incremental costs are relevant if a utility elects to comply with CETA based on the 2% annual rate increase provisions in subsection three or four of that section. The workshop will take place on the morning of March 17 at the UTC office in Lacey.

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