‘Climatetech’ Is Heating Up in Venture Capital. Will Investors Learn From the First Cleantech Wave?

Source: GTM, Jan 29, 2020

“Climatetech” is suddenly the hot new trend in venture capital. 

For years now, venture investors have stayed away from the cleantech category, a hangover from the Solyndra days that we have thoroughly documented on The Interchange.

But we appear to be in a new phase of interest. Prominent investors are publicly declaring their push into the space. Influential voices in tech are calling on more investors to do the same — including Kara Swisher, who wrote a persuasive piece in The New York Times last week. And now startups of all kinds are getting a second look. 

With us to weigh in on those questions is returning guest Abe Yokell. Abe is a managing partner at Congruent Ventures. 

Co-host Shayle Kann, a managing director at Energy Impact Partners, sets up the trend. Then Shayle and Abe dissect lessons from cleantech venture capital 1.0.

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