Commerce Announces Request for Applications for the Electrification of Transportation Systems (ETS) Grant

Source: Commerce, Feb 5th, 2020

The Washington State Department of Commerce is now accepting applications for a new grant through the Electrification of Transportation Systems (ETS) program. Potential applicants must be part of Washington state local government, a retail electric utility serving Washington state, or any organization partnering with qualified entities.

All modes of transportation qualify, and Commerce is prioritizing innovative solutions to known barriers to deploying and using charging infrastructure. Projects must serve at least one of the following:

  • Public transportation
  • Local government fleet vehicles
  • Workplace charging
  • Multi-unit dwelling resident charging
  • Public charging
  • Port infrastructure, marine or aircraft

The ETS program is designed to promote the continued transformation of the electric transportation market in Washington state and accelerate adoption of EVs and vessels to accomplish our climate goals. The program places a particular emphasis on addressing the needs of communities and vulnerable populations highly impacted by climate change and pollution from transportation systems.

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