Wastewater treatment through ‘real science, real engineering’

Source: Heraldnet, Janice Podsada Feb 4 2020

Jim Mothersbaugh is in the business of making bubbles float and tiny particles clump.

Mothersbaugh, CEO of WaterTectonics, founded the Everett wastewater treatment company in 1999 in response to the needs of the building industry and concern for the environment.

The company’s patented technologies remove heavy metals, oil and other particles from wastewater and runoff so that water can be safely returned to the environment, said his son, Jason Mothersbaugh, the company’s vice president and general manager.

“It’s one thing to put together a small system in the basement — the challenge is getting it to work in an industry where the flow might be 100 to 2,000 gallons a minute,” Jason Mothersbaugh said.

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