$6.5 million awarded to increase energy efficiency, reduce costs in state-owned buildings

Source: Washington Department of Commerce, March 5, 2020

The Department of Commerce today announced $6.5 million in State Performance Improvement (SPI) grants that will result in higher efficiency and better environmental performance in state-owned buildings. The funding will cover additional costs incurred by choosing more efficient options for existing project plans, such as higher efficiency heating systems or windows.

“The state is leading by example, strengthening communities by investing in Washington’s clean energy future,” said Commerce Director Lisa Brown. “Making these smart choices now will reduce environmental impacts and save taxpayers money on operational and lifetime costs for these facilities.”

The SPI grants have been awarded to 16 state agencies and institutions with projects currently funded under the 2019 – 21 Capital Budget, and that can be modified with more energy-efficient infrastructure.  

Projected lifetime savings of the infrastructure modifications to these projects is nearly $11 million, and the lifetime projected carbon saved would be about 120,429 tons.

“This program is an exciting opportunity to leverage existing capital projects for our state facilities and add components that will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and system life cycle costs,” said Office of Financial Management Senior Budget Assistant Jennifer Masterson. “As state budgets tighten, these added energy efficiencies are sometimes trimmed from projects because they have higher up-front costs. The outcomes of this grant program will benefit the people of our state for years to come.”

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