SnoPUD Earns ENERGY STAR Award for Excellence

Source: SnoPUD, March 31, 2020

EVERETT, Wash. – Snohomish County PUD was recently honored with a 2020 ENERGY STAR Award for Excellence for its promotion efforts in expanding energy-efficiency outreach to hard-to-reach customers and delivering 65,000 ENERGY STAR-certified products to nearly 20,000 households.

“This award is an honor and a reflection of the hard work of our employees to reach residential and small business customers in effective and unique ways,” said Pam Baley, PUD Assistant General Manager of Customer & Energy Services.

In 2019, the PUD focused its efforts on low-income and geographically remote customers without easy access to energy-efficiency opportunities. Key accomplishments include:

 Expanding independent retail programs to increase the selection of ENERGY STAR-certified products by 300% and the number of stores offering ENERGY STAR products by 200%.

 Delivering 4,800 ENERGY STAR branded, energy efficiency kits to more than 20 food banks.

 Increasing the number of engagements through social media posts by utilizing ENERGY STAR campaigns, including Light the Moment and ENERGY STAR Day, reaching 4.8 million impressions.

 Premiering a new instant rebate program through independent appliance retailer, Albert Lee, that increased rebate redemptions on ENERGY STAR certified products by an estimated 20%.

 Launching an online marketplace where customers can shop online for ENERGY STAR-certified light bulbs and smart thermostats.

 Conducting a sweepstakes to draw customers to their Smart Rewards site, which features ENERGY STAR products, that resulted in a 117% increase in unique visitors.

“I salute the 2020 ENERGY STAR award winners,” said Anne Idsal, EPA Principal Deputy Assistant Administrator for Air and Radiation. “These leaders demonstrate how energy efficiency drives economic competitiveness in tandem with environmental protection.”

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