Board of Directors Survey Summary

This past week, the CleanTech Alliance sent out an anonymous survey to its Board of Directors to gauge how the organization should proceed in light of the COVID-19 outbreak.

With 39 responses to date, we highlighted and summarized the most relevant feedback below.

We received 25 open ended responses to the question ‘should we change the way we operate? (be more active, hibernate, etc). 15 respondents want us to be more active, with many wanting to see more information on public policy and how we can publicize federal aid packages. 9 people want us to maintain the same level of activity and many mentioned that we should stay as active as we can, contingent on resources, and only hibernate if we don’t have the finances to stay active. Only one person thought that outright hibernation was the best course of action.

For the final question, we got 17 responses about how the CleanTech Alliance can help our members. 4 people couldn’t think of anything we should be doing differently right now but will inform us if something comes up later, 2 people wanted to see more about understanding federal aid and how to access it, and 6 respondents want us to continue to communicate and stay engaged online with our members. Lastly, 5 respondents want us to continue posting CleanTech topics to our website and want more information and one respondent even suggested highlighting member stories about how they’re dealing with the crisis.

We hope to continue to hear from our members about how we can best help them through these difficult times and are always open to suggestions.

The CleanTech Alliance would like to thank everyone that participated in the Board of Directors survey. We really appreciate your feedback.