UTC Clean Energy Bulletin

Source: Utilities Transportation Commission, June 26, 2020

UTC announces rulemaking changes due to state furloughs 

The Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission announces scheduling changes to its work implementing Washington’s 2019 clean energy legislation in response to state furloughs. 

On June 17, GovInslee announced that state employees will be required to take four furlough days before the week of July 25. After evaluating staff workload requirements and statutory deadlines required for Clean Energy Transformation Act rules, the commission announces the following changes to its rulemaking schedule: 

  • The second draft Integrated Resource Plan (IRP, docket UE-190698) and Clean Energy Implementation Plan (CEIP, docket UE-191023) rules will be issued mid-August, with a target date of Aug. 14. These had initially been planned for release at the end of July. 

A CR-102 for IRP/CEIP rules will be issued in mid-October. Adoption hearings for these rulemakings will take place during the week of Nov. 30, with adoption orders issued no later than Dec. 31. 

  • The Purchase of Electricity rulemaking (docket UE-190837) schedule may change after commission staff review comments received June 29. 

Commission staff do not currently anticipate changes to the on-going Energy Independence Act rulemaking (docket UE-190652).  

These schedules are subject to change in the event of additional furlough requirements. The commission will communicate any additional changes to interested persons if and as those decisions are made.