Commerce to request public input on Low-Income Community Solar Deployment (LICSD) grant

Source: Washington Department of Commerce, July 7, 2020

Commerce will begin accepting public input concerning draft guidelines for the Clean Energy Fund’s Solar Deployment program in July.

The new solicitation is expected to focus on low-income community solar deployment, and to cover at least $2,328,000 in remaining funds.

Commerce expects to post the draft guidelines on July 9, and stakeholders and other potential program participants will have approximately two weeks following the initial posting to provide input.  A virtual public input meeting is currently scheduled for July 16 from 12:30 – 1:30 p.m.

Visit the Solar Deployment webpage to find more details on the program, public input period and virtual meeting.

The Solar Deployment program is funded through Washington state’s Clean Energy Fund (CEF). The CEF funds projects that provide a public benefit to Washington communities through the deployment of clean energy technologies that save energy and reduce energy costs, reduce harmful air emissions, or otherwise increase energy independence for the state.