Weekly Clean Energy Transformation Act (CETA) Bulletin- August 17

Source: Washington Department of Commerce, August 17, 2020


CETA second draft rules available for stakeholder feedback

Commerce posted revised draft rules today for implementation of the state’s clean electricity law, the Clean Energy Transformation Act (CETA). The second draft rules are available on the CETA rulemaking website. The second draft rules follow multiple stakeholder workshops and written comment opportunities about the agency’s first draft rules, published in April.

Commerce is requesting written comments on the second draft by Sept. 14. Send written comments by email to CETA@commerce.wa.gov. Please submit comments in both Word and PDF formats, if possible.

Three other documents are posted with the second draft rules:

  • A marked-up version of the second draft rules showing changes from the first draft and identifying key stakeholder comments and the response to those comments.
  • A draft guidance document concerning equity-related provisions in CETA and the draft rules. Commerce will be accepting feedback on this draft document. Comments can be sent to Sarah Vorpahl (sarah.vorpahl@commerce.wa.gov).
  • A request for information from electric utilities on cost impacts of the draft rules. Commerce is requesting that utilities submit information on costs by Sept. 14, 2020.
050Require annual or biennial progress reports (Renewable NW, NWEC)
200Simplified CEIP reporting form for small utilities (WPUDA, small utilities)
230More workshops before adopting 2% incremental cost rule (WPUDA)
300No rule on coal-fired resources until Markets Workgroup finishes (PGP)
300Prohibit serial purchases of unspecified power, alternative language in subsection (4) (Renewable NW)
320Use of electricity under 80% portion of GHG Neutral Standard, section 410 as an alternative approach (Multiple stakeholders)
330Pro rata conservation target for small utilities (WPUDA)
340Different standard for acquisition of generators during an emergency (WPUDA)
350More workshops on use of alternative compliance options for utilities using 2% incremental cost approach (WPUDA)
410Requirements for RECs used to comply with the 80% portion of the GHG Neutral Standard (Multiple stakeholders)

Utility data collection tool is now live!

Commerce’s data survey tool for utility data collection on low-income energy assistance programs is now available on the Energy Assistance under CETA webpage. Instructions (both PDF and Word versions) of the survey questions are also available on the webpage. The tool will remain open until Nov. 13. If you have questions about this process or the data tool, please contact Sarah Vorpahl (sarah.vorpahl@commerce.wa.gov).

Streamlining CETA and Energy Independence Act (EIA) requirements

At the Sept. 2 workshop, Commerce hopes to identify opportunities to streamline the requirements of Washington’s two clean electricity laws, CETA and EIA, to simplify compliance and avoid duplicative processes. Please send us an email if you have specific ideas to cover at that workshop.

Upcoming Events and Deadlines

Details on these events are available on the CETA rulemaking webpage.

Sept. 2WorkshopStreamlining EIA and CETA implementation
Sept. 14Comment deadlineSecond draft rules and cost impacts
Nov. 13Submission deadlineUtility energy assistance program survey