Clean Energy Fund (CEF) Workshop #1

On Wednesday, September 23 at 4pm, the CleanTech Alliance hosted its first-ever virtual Clean Energy Fund Awareness workshop.

The CleanTech Alliance is planning on hosting a series of Clean Energy Fund Awareness workshops to connect legislators to the people and organizations that have received state funding through the program.

For the first workshop, Jan Allen, the President and CEO of Impact Bioenergy gave a 20-minute presentation on his company, how the Clean Energy Fund helped Impact Bioenergy, and what the future of the company looks like thanks to the Clean Energy Fund.

After his presentation, legislators had the chance to stick around and ask Jan questions about Impact Bioenergy’s technology and how they’ve been able to grow and expand their reach into other countries since they received Clean Energy Fund money.

Stay tuned for more information about upcoming Clean Energy Fund workshops.

For a full recording of the Impact Bioenergy Clean Energy Fund Workshop, click here.