April 2021 Breakfast Recap

On Wednesday, April 14, 2021 over 50 people attended the CleanTech Alliance Breakfast Series presentation sponsored by Perkins Coie.

Dr. Terry Brog and Dr. Corey McDaniel talked about cutting-edge developments from Idaho National Laboratory’s Center for Advanced Energy Studies (CAES).

First, Dr. Terry Brog talked about the vision for CAES and how they aim to create a better energy future through collaboration that inspires energy leadership ignites technology innovation and catalyzes global impact.

He talked about the seven laboratories within the CAES building and how they’re adding two more labs that will be completed in the late spring/summer of 2021. Dr. Brog also talked about some of their upcoming programs, webinars, and initiatives and took questions about the scope of the lab, who to contact if you’re interested in collaborating with INL, and how the lab benefits the public through commercialization, jobs, and advancing RD&D.

Next, Dr. Corey McDaniel spoke about the history of INL as the nation’s premier nuclear energy lab and how they’ve tested 52 nuclear reactors in their history, including the first nuclear reactor to power a city.

Dr. McDaniel also spoke about the future of INL and nuclear technology, including microreactors, establishing fast spectrum reactor as well as advanced reactor demonstrations and SMR operating.

He also mentioned that future integrated nuclear systems will be dynamic and flexible and spoke about the potential for hydrogen as well as other renewables.

After a Q&A that covered topics from waste management to thermal storage and the difference between microreactors and SMRs, attendees had the opportunity to breakout into smaller groups for networking.

You can view a full recording of the Breakfast by clicking here.