McAlpha Member Profile

The CleanTech Alliance is conducting a series of member profiles to highlight our new and renewing members.

Our third profile is on McAlpha. We interviewed Ayo Giwa about what McAlpha is looking forward to about their CleanTech Alliance membership.

Q: Tell us a little bit about your company and what you’re currently working on.

A: McAlpha Inc. is a project development company, we develop projects that will bring a positive impact to the society, environment and host community. Some of our projects have heavy carbon footprint that we are trying to neutralize, hence our venture into R&D to achieve the neutralization goal and as well to help others to do same. Our research is into hybrid membrane technology to achieve the following: a) Direct air capture and b) hydrogen production through dissociation of ammonia.

Q: What was the biggest benefit of joining the CleanTech Alliance for your organization?

A: We are new to CleanTech Alliance. We hope that by our joining we will be able to meet like minds, share ideas, and be able to take advantage of our shared values to win the battle against climate change. Also, we hope to be able to be introduced to third party finance to help us in funding our R&D objectives.

Q: What are you looking forward to in 2021 for your organization?

A: We hope to be successful in our fundraising campaign to enable us meet our expansion goal for 2021 as we hope to take the company to the next level and increase our valuation from a sign digit in the million range to a double digit in the billion dollar range within the next five years.

Q: Do you have any policy priorities/legislation you want the CleanTech Alliance to monitor?

A: Policy that will encourage solutions to the current Oil and Gas carbon footprint and transition to net zero without further pain.

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