BattGenie Member Profile

The CleanTech Alliance is conducting a series of member profiles to highlight our new and renewing members.

Our fourth profile is on Battgenie. We interviewed Chintan Pathak about what BattGenie is looking forward to about their CleanTech Alliance membership.

Q: Tell us a little bit about your company and what you’re currently working on.

A: BattGenie provides software and solutions for battery management systems of Li-ion batteries. Concerns about the safety of batteries and speed of charging are major impediments to the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. BattGenie enables safe fast-charging and provides an improvement in cycle life in excess of 100% for electric vehicles, consumer electronics, and grid storage battery applications through the use of physics-based battery models without needing any hardware upgrades to the existing platform. BattGenie has demonstrated performance improvement on a range of batteries and is currently working with several EV, device, and battery OEMs.

Q: What was the biggest benefit of joining the CleanTech Alliance for your organization?

A: We hope to continue benefitting from the synergy created by a grassroots organization like CleanTech Alliance and keep getting exposure and opportunities to collaborate and contribute to the ever-changing cleantech landscape in Seattle and WA.

Q: What are you looking forward to in 2022 for your organization?

A: With increased focus on electrification in all sectors around the globe and increased awareness about the importance of batteries in our daily lives, we expect an increase in partnerships and projects in the coming year, in the electric vehicle as well as consumer electronics markets.

Q: Do you have any policy priorities/legislation you want the CleanTech Alliance to monitor?

A: Besides cleantech legislation relating to EV charging infrastructure and grid resiliency, the legislation related to “The Right to repair”: is interesting and we would like to support it as much as possible.

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