Weekly Clean Energy Transformation (CETA) Bulletin- October 18

Source: Washington State Department of Commerce, October 18, 2021

UTC requests comments on draft CETA rule

Last week the Utilities and Transportation Commission (UTC) published a request for comments on draft rule text to interpret the provisions in CETA that require utilities to “use electricity” that is renewable or non-emitting.

Commerce is not updating its draft rule language (PDF) on this topic at this time. We encourage participants in the rulemaking proceeding to review and submit comments on the UTC draft. We will consider comments submitted in the UTC proceeding and will continue to work closely with the UTC in developing the rule on this topic.

Comments and questions should be submitted directly to the UTC. The Commission will post all comments that are provided in electronic format on its website.

Deadline to submit comments to UTC5 p.m. Friday, Nov. 12, 2021