Weekly Clean Energy Transformation Act (CETA) Bulletin- December 10

Source: Washington Department of Commerce, December 10, 2021

Commerce posts 2020 fuel mix disclosure reports

Commerce has published the Washington electric utility 2020 fuel mix disclosure reports on the Fuel Mix Disclosures webpage.

The fuel characteristics disclosure (RCW 19.29A) requires Washington utilities to disclose to their customers the mix of fuels used to generate the electricity sold to them in the previous year. Utilities must release the information – similar to a content label on a food product – to new customers and post the information on their public websites.

The disclosure must show the percentage of electricity by fuel type, such as coal, hydroelectricity, natural gas, nuclear, wind, and solar. If the utility does not know the source of some electricity, it must label that portion as “unspecified source.”

Below is a breakdown of Washington’s 2020 combined fuel mix. For complete details, read the 2020 Fuel Mix Disclosure report.

2020 fuel mix combined fuel mix

Agenda for Dec. 14 workshop on “double counting and storage”

Commerce and the Utilities and Transportation Commission (UTC) have released an agenda for their joint workshop on Tuesday, Dec. 14, 2021. The workshop will focus on draft rules concerning double counting and storage.

View agenda

Rulemaking workshops and deadlines


  • Joint rulemaking workshop – Double counting and storage
    Dec. 14, 2021, 1 to 4 pm
    Commerce and the UTC will hold a joint rulemaking workshop on draft rules on double counting and storage. Meeting materials will be posted on the CETA Rulemaking webpage ahead of the workshop.


  • Reporting deadline – Clean energy implementation plans (CEIPs)
    Jan. 1, 2022
    All public utility districts, electric cooperatives and municipal utilities are required to submit CEIPs to Commerce by Jan. 1, 2022. Commerce has provided a CEIP template for all utilities to complete. The template, an instructional webinar, and FAQ can be found on the Compliance and Reporting webpage.


  • Reporting deadline – Energy assistance programs
    Feb. 1, 2022
    All electric utilities in Washington are required to report to Commerce on their energy assistance programs under RCW 19.405.120(4) by Feb. 1, 2022. The reporting template and supporting materials can be found on the Compliance and Reporting webpage.