Dave Curry, Chairman, Nextwatts

Dave is a successful entrepreneur having founded, taken public, and successfully exited three companies. Dave has over 30 years of combined telecommunications and energy software industry experience. Dave is currently Chairman of NextWatts and CarbonQuest, clean energy technology companies. Prior to starting NextWatts in 2015, he was co-founder (2008) and CEO of Demand Energy Networks, an energy software control systems company which was acquired by Enel, a global energy company in 2017. From 2001 to 2008 Dave was President and CEO of World Wide Packets, a point-to-point ethernet switch vendor whose customers included Comcast, Clearwire and AT&T. World Wide Packets was acquired by Ciena in 2006.

Before World Wide Packets, Dave co-founded Architel, a telecom OSS vendor to Verizon, Cable & Wireless, British Telecom, NYNEX and GTE that was take public in 1998 and subsequently acquired by Nortel in 2000. In 1996, Dave was selected Canadian Entrepreneur on the Year for his leadership at Architel. Now, as he has started CarbonQuest, he is proud to be leading the Quest for Decarbonization involving carbon removal.