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3Create“Find, Get & Keep Customers” 

This workshop gives cleantech companies tips and tricks to find their ideal audience, convert prospects, and build long-term customer relationships. Presented by data, marketing and customer experience consultants at 3Create ( 

Session 1: 3Create presents tips and tricks on how to find, get and keep customers for CleanTech companies. 

Session 2: Attendees will work in small groups to work through ways to find, get and keep customers and share with the whole group. 

BrightNightCommunities + Renewable Power: How to Ensure a Winning Combination: The Pacific Northwest is experiencing a growing demand for electricity, leading to a surge in renewable energy projects across the region. As communities and their leaders evaluate these proposals and embrace new infrastructure, it is crucial to ensure the right partner is delivering more than just power. While the environmental benefits of renewable energy are well-known, the broader community benefits are relatively unknown. In this session, a renewable energy expert will share insights on how top-tier renewable power companies are setting new standards in supporting and engaging with their project communities. In the session, attendees will learn strategies to ensure that the next proposal they consider includes the very best for their stakeholders, maximizing both environmental and community benefits.

The BUILT Cluster Untapped Thermal Energy (UTE) Working Group – Waterfront Revival: A New Energy Era Bellingham Waterfront District Energy Utility, Bellingham, Washington 

The Downtown Waterfront District in Bellingham, Washington, is undergoing a remarkable transformation. Built by UMC and Corix for the Port of Bellingham, the Bellingham Waterfront District Energy Utility is at the heart of this change, offering clean heating and cooling solutions that benefit the entire community. This groundbreaking project not only revitalizes a long-idle industrial site but also sets a new standard for low-carbon district energy systems across North America. 

ChargepolyInnovative EV charging approach to optimize clean energy infrastructure: In order to achieve decarbonization goals and clean air regulations, medium and heavy duty (MHD) vehicles are electrifying at a rapid pace.  One of the hurdles for greater implementation of MHD EVs is limited grid capacity and efficient energy management.  Chargepoly will present how their innovative EV charging infrastructure solutions optimize the bridge between MHD EVs, distributed energy resources, and the grid for demand-side load management efficiency.

Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) works with partners to defend against today’s threats and collaborate to build a more secure and resilient infrastructure for the future. CISA is the operational lead for federal cybersecurity and the national coordinator for critical infrastructure security and resilience. We are designed for collaboration and partnership. Learn about our layered mission to reduce risk to the nation’s cyber and physical infrastructure.

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) – Malicious cyber activity threatens the public’s safety and our national and economic security. The FBI’s cyber strategy is to impose risk and consequences on cyber adversaries. Our goal is to change the behavior of criminals and nation-states who believe they can compromise U.S. networks, steal financial and intellectual property, and put critical infrastructure at risk without facing risk themselves. To do this, we use our unique mix of authorities, capabilities, and partnerships to impose consequences against our cyber adversaries.

CISA and the FBI will have a joint presentation about the Cybersecurity Landscape and Mitigation.

E8 AngelsAngel Investing for Impact: Opportunities in CleanTech for Potential Investors (session #1) and Angel Investing for Founders (session #2)

Session #1: E8 Angels is one of the top early-stage cleantech investing organizations in the United States with a unique approach to investing. We are a member driven organization where members from all backgrounds and ranges of investing experiences come together to review startups that are seeking funding. CleanTech investing is hitting the mainstream and this is the time to get involved. In this session, we will discuss E8’s approach to investing, why it works, how it works, and a bit about the sectors and companies that we fund. This session is geared for anyone looking for ways to have a direct impact on environmental innovations.

Session #2: Pick the brain of an experienced angel investor. Jordan Schwartz has led a startup from basement to angel funding to successful exit, actively invests in the cleantech space as an angel investor and co-chairs the Deal Screening Committee for the E8 cleantech angel investor group. He will be on hand to share insights from these experiences and to answer your questions. 

Export-Import Bank of the US (EXIM) – If you had a box that contained the tools needed to grow your business and increase your profits, wouldn’t you open it?  The Export-Import Bank of the United States (EXIM) can give you those tools – and help make your export business successful.  Join a conversation with Mitsu Saito, EXIM Regional Director for the Western Region, who will provide an overview of trade finance tools EXIM has available for exporters.

In this breakout session “Leveraging Clean Tech Export Opportunities: U.S. Government Support to Increase Your International Sales,” you’ll learn how to:

– Protect your business against buyer nonpayment

– Extend competitive open account credit terms to international buyers

– Unlock cash flow to fulfill sales orders and take on new business abroad

Inclusive DesignIntentional, Everyday DEI  

Inclusive Design creates a climate and culture of curiosity and inclusion. With intentional, constant organization-wide focus on communication and decision making, we can create workplaces that foster belonging. A curious workforce is an engaged workforce.

Washington Maritime Blue Early-Stage Entrepreneurial Qualities to Attract Funding

Based on over 1,500+ founder interviews, this workshop will discuss which qualities early-stage investors are seeking in the founders they support. Beyond market and technology, what prior actions do investors prefer to see when backing founders at the earliest stages?

MomentumFund Tracking & Grant Development.

There is a lot of funding in climate tech now. How can organizations effectively manage the aggregation and assessment of the myriad of funding opportunities in order to develop highly competitive applications.

Morgan StanleyFounder Financial Wellness: Come and learn about what things founders should be aware of as they build their business to ensure their personal finances are taken care of.

Northwest CleanTech Innovation Network Regional Resources for early-stage clean technology startups: Hear from VertueLab, Washington Clean Energy Testbeds and CleanTech Alliance staff about the Federal Funding Assistance, Cascadia CleanTech Accelerator, CleanTech Hardware Innovation Prototyping (CHIP) and Lab2Launch programs. Plus more information about additional resources these organizations have for early-stage startups!

Option Zero Building Climate Tech MVPs: a Software Perspective.

Software-for-climate consultant Jason Curtis discusses patterns that give companies the upper hand when building their Minimum Viable Product (MVP)s in climate tech.

The Pacific Northwest Center of Excellence for Clean Energy works closely with energy, organized labor, clean technology, NGO’s and K-20 education partners. We stay current on the state’s clean energy initiatives that drive our power generators and users toward a zero-emission economy. We represent our partner’s interests and make connections to those involved with training and upskilling our state’s workforce. We exist to narrow the gap between employers’ demands for a highly skilled workforce and Washington State Community and Technical colleges’ ability to supply work-ready graduates. We convene industry and labor to help drive workforce development initiatives — and coordinate community college resources after industry and labor set the direction.

The session will focus on: “Clean Energy Workforce Training: How to Partner with Career Connect Washington and Washington’s Education System.”

RA Capital Planetary HealthThe Future of Investment for Solving the Toughest Energy Sector Challenges: The basis of our civilization and the functionality of our global economy relies on cheap, accessible energy. As our world transitions towards cleaner energy sources, investment in the space is needed more than ever. Yet, an often-overlooked area in clean energy investment is the solutions that enable infrastructure and methods like solar and wind to become scalable and cost-competitive. In this session, Brigid will discuss why it’s imperative for investors to focus on companies and innovations solving clean energy pain points, like construction and operations, to accelerate the deployment of renewables and get solutions to market in the near-term.

Port of PortlandOpportunities in Mass Timber:

Join the Port of Portland to learn how our region (OR and WA) is making bold moves in mass timber.  Learn how we are transforming our international airport, PDX, and a former marine terminal into a statewide hub for Oregon’s mass timber industry.

Powerize Northwest Consortium (PNWC)Powerize how? What will it take for the PNW to swing for the global fences in the rapidly expanding grid and energy storage market (set to triple in a decade)? A fast-paced, interactive discussion.

Seattle City Light – Join a session on “The Grid is the Platform for Our Energy Future” to discuss the changing role of utilities as a central platform to foster innovation and partnerships to create a shared energy future.

Siemens – We are a technology company focused on industry, infrastructure, transport, and healthcare.

From more resource-efficient factories, resilient supply chains, and smarter buildings and grids, to cleaner and more comfortable transportation as well as advanced healthcare, we create technology with purpose adding real value for customers.

By combining the real and the digital worlds, we empower our customers to transform their industries and markets, helping them to transform the everyday for billions of people.

Please Join Mark Henning (Director of Product Development) and Brian Haley (Energy & Utilities Sales Executive) where they will be speaking on “Breaking Ground, Unleashing Digital Transformation with Siemens Software” from 10:30 to 10:50 am in the Azure breakout room. Mark and Brian will speak about the critical journey companies walk through during their digital transformation.

SilaWorkforce Development in the Columbia Basin: At Sila, innovation is the lifeblood that ensures our long-term success. We continually look for opportunities to create new processes and products, from R&D labs to our manufacturing floor and everywhere in between. We also recognize that innovation requires focus and risk, so we pursue efforts that have an outsized impact on our mission and vision. Senior Plant Director, Rosendo Alvarado, will discuss Sila’s involvement with the schools and other areas Sila is working to establish opportunities.

Trade and Invest B.C. works with international enterprises to help them build strong connections to the resources, skills and businesses that make British Columbia (B.C.) the natural place to work, live and invest.

Cleantech Breakthroughs: Solar and Mobility Innovations from British Columbia: Join us for a panel discussion moderated by Nicolas Santo, Director of Trade and Invest BC in the Pacific Northwest, at the Cleantech Innovation Showcase. This session will delve into advancements in clean technology with insights from Simon Angus of Open Waters Solar and Sasan Pasha of SensoDrive. Simon will discuss how Open Waters Solar is enhancing the solar industry with durable and lightweight solar panels designed for the marine sector. Sasan will share how SensoDrive addresses first and last-mile transportation challenges with solutions aimed at reducing urban congestion and emissions. They will also explore how the supportive ecosystem in British Columbia has played a crucial role in fostering these innovations, contributing to a sustainable future for transportation and urban living.

VertueLabCatalyzing Change: Unlocking the Potential of the Pacific Northwest’s climate tech ecosystem.

Join us for an insightful session on unlocking the Pacific Northwest’s potential in climate tech innovation. Despite a vibrant investment ecosystem and rich tech talent, the region faces significant barriers, including limited venture capital for later-stage companies, investor expertise gaps, and systemic biases, particularly affecting women and BIPOC entrepreneurs. We will explore the report’s findings of emerging opportunities and possible ways forward to build a thriving regional network with stakeholders dedicated to transforming the PNW into a global climate tech leader.

Washington Clean Energy Testbeds – The University of Washington Clean Energy Institute created the Washington Clean Energy Testbeds to accelerate the development, scale-up, and adoption of new technologies in solar harvestingenergy storage, and system integration. This open-access facility in Seattle, founded on the principle that users retain all intellectual property, offers customized training and use of instruments for fabricating prototypes, testing devices and modules, and integrating systems. The facility also houses meeting and office space where users from academia and business work and collaborate.

Through special events, Entrepreneur-in-Residence and Investor-in-Residence programs, and community-sponsored networking opportunities, the Testbeds are an active gathering space for cleantech innovators and investors.

Washington State Department of CommerceGrow Your Clean Tech Business by Tapping Into International Markets

Did you know that WA State Dept. of Commerce has a team of international trade specialists dedicated to help you grow your business by exporting? Join us at this session and find out how to leverage the state to uncover international opportunities. We’ll show you where to find free resources and grant money for international business promotion. You may be more “export ready” than you realized!