"Is Cleantech Back?" Comments from Michael A. Greeley

Venture Financing–Is Cleantech Back?: Comments from Michael A. Greeley, General Partner, Flybridge Capital Partners, in Xconomy:  “While the sector more than doubled from Q3 to Q4 this past year ($418 million to $853 million), I think it is premature to declare victory here.  Clearly VC sentiment has rotated away from large supply side investments (generation and distribution look more like biotech’s risk profile).  However, cleantech plays were strong in demand side management (usage monitoring, efficiency, which look more like software/hardware risk profile).  Notably, the average dollar invested in cleantech in Q4 was nearly $12 million per deal, which is almost twice the $6.6 million for all deals in that quarter.  Still, the field feels very capital intensive for VCs, whose own industry is shrinking.”