The Future Revealed: Notes from the WCTA Breakfast with Futurist Glen Hiemestra

Glen Hiemstra addressed a sellout WCTA audience in the offices of UBS last Wed.  Among the many perceptive comments he made were:

  • The aging of the Baby Boomers will see a spike in the number of people that don’t drive–20% over 65 don’t drive–that will increase demand for public transportation.
  • By 2020, the majority of entry level workers will be from minority groups.
  • Industry will drive smart grid–installed by 2025.  Momentum will begin this year.
  • Industry will lead the drive to a cleaner environment, not government–except in China.
  • 2011 economic growth will beat the forecasts–3-4 percent.
  • Big energy companies will start to acquire new technologies.
  • The military will be on the leading edge of clean energy technologies.
  • Double closed loop manufacturing will be driven by regulation and branding opportunities.

Thanks to Glen Hiemstra, Chris Leyerle and UBS (Patrick Drum and Jason Hamlin) for a really great breakfast meeting.