China Leads in Clean Energy Invesments; Germany Now #2

A new paper from the Pew Charitable Trusts entitled “Who’s Winning the Clean Energy Race?” reports that clean energy investment has “roared back” in 2010.  Investment is up 30% over 2009 and reached $243B for the year. 

 The US story–relative to the rest of the world–is not as promising.  Private investment in China reached a world record $54.4B, up 39%.  German investment reached $41.2B.  US investment was up 51% to $34B, but fell to third among nations.

 Europe leads all regions with total investments of $994.4B.  The Americas were a distant third with $65.8B behind the Asia/Pacific region ($$82.8B).

 “Given uncertainties surrounding key policies and incentives,” says the report, “the US’s competitive position in the clean energy sector is at risk.”