CA, OR, MA, NY, CO, WA Top in Clean Energy Leadership

Clean Edge’s 2nd annual US Clean Energy Leadership Index ranked the states in more than 70 categories. The top 10 states were CA, OR, MA, NY, CO, WA, NM, MN, CT, and VT. The bottom 10 were OK, WY, AK, ND, LA, NB, AR, AL, MS, and WV. Findings include:

CA clean-energy industry brings in more venture capital than all other states combined. ID leads in clean electricity as a percent of generation (84%) including hydro and biomass. Other states that get more than 60% of their electricity from renewable sources are WA (71%), SD (65%), and OR (63%).

OK had more new EVs registered last year than any other state, but the number is misleading. Two of the nation’s largest rental car agencies register their vehicles in OK, accounting for the state’s ranking in 2010. Without that anomaly, CA is the EV leader.

MI held the top spot in patents for 2010 with 192 patents. Leading the charge is GM, who received more clean energy patents than any other US company with 135 patents.

MS, which ranks in the bottom 10, is pursuing clean-tech manufacturing as it aims to garner its share of the market.  In the past year, MS has attracted a host of companies to build manufacturing facilities. Even low-ranking states are beginning to aggressively target clean-tech companies and services for their job creation and capital attraction.