WaterTectonics' Mothersbaugh Named Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist

Source:  Seattle Business, August 2011.    Jim Mothersbaugh, Founder and President of WaterTectonics, was honored as a Ernst & Young Northwest Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist in the Emerging Sciences category.  A persevering chemist, Jim toiled for nine years to create a method to treat water contaminated in industrial processes. Today, his company, WaterTectonics, designs, manufactures and implements water-treatment systems that remove more pollutants more quickly than any competing technology—and at a fraction of the cost. Even with no venture capital behind it, the company is debt free, has never lost money in any of its 12 years and commits 10 percent of its annual profits toward the improvement of water quality in Third World countries.

Mitch Gold of Dendreon and Ryo Kubota of Acucela were also honored in the Emerging Sciences category.