Where Does Washington Rank in the Clean Economy?

While Washington is the ‘Evergreen State,’ where does the state really rank in the Clean Economy?  Brookings released on July 13, 2011 a highly-anticipated study entitled “Sizing the Clean Economy:  A National and Regional Green Jobs Assessment.”  The research is an endeavor to create a definition of the clean economy and quantify its significance.

Here is how Brookings ranks the Clean Economy in the State of Washington:

10th:  In terms of its overall size, the clean economy in Washington ranks tenth among the fifty states and the District of Columbia.

7th:  Washington’s 83,676 clean economy jobs make up 2.8 percent of all jobs in the state.  On this measure of concentration, its clean economy ranks seventh.

15th:  Between 2003 and 2010, Washington added 14,570 clean jobs, ranking fifteenth among the states.

33rd:  Between 2003 and 2010, the sector grew by 2.8 percent annually, ranking thirty-third.

30th:  On average, each clean economy job in Washington produces $14,363 in exports, which ranks it thirtieth on this measure.

The estimated median wage in Washington’s clean economy is $46,457.  This compares to $43,322 for all jobs in Washington.

From 2003-2010, the largest segments in the state were:

  • Conservation;
  • Hydropower;
  • Organic ford and farming;
  • Public mass transit; and
  • Waste management and treatment.

From 2003-2010, the fastest growing segments in the state were:

  • Renewable energy services
  • Remediation,
  • Battery technologies
  • Solar photovoltaic; and
  • Smart grid.