Boeing, PNNL, Imperium Selected for DOE Aviation Fuels Consortium

Source:  Imperium Press Release, September 1, 2011. – Imperium Renewables, Boeing, and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory are part of a partnership led by LanzaTech that has been chosen to receive up to $4 million from the Department of Energy to continue work to develop renewable jet fuel.

Imperium CEO John Plaza commented that “We’re excited to be part of this partnership and to continue our work with LanzaTech, Boeing, and PNNL to develop renewable jet fuels from multiple feed stocks.”  The grant is one of three projects announced by Secretary Steven Chu to strengthen energy security and diversify the nation’s energy portfolio.   “These investments aim to accelerate the discovery of innovative solutions that could drive down the cost of biofuels production and boost their availability in the marketplace,” said Secretary Chu.

The DOE announcement continues the President’s commitment to develop sustainable, homegrown drop-in aviation and marine biofuels.  Last month, DOE joined the Navy and the Department of Agriculture in issuing a Memorandum of Understanding that allocates $510 million towards working with private industry to create advanced drop-in biofuels.  “President Obama and other elected officials realize that our country cannot continue to rely on other countries to power our nation and our military,” said Plaza. “This grant builds on the momentum set recently set by the administration and helps our country move further toward energy independence.”