Rep. McDermott: Statement to the WCTA

Source:  Congressman Jim McDermott Statement to Washington Clean Technology Alliance Sustainable Economic Opportunities Breakfast “Turning Waste into Energy, ”Wednesday October, 5 2011.

Greetings, and welcome to the Washington Clean Technology Alliance Breakfast on Sustainable Economic Opportunities, “Turning Waste into Energy”.  In the midst of our economic downturn, the clean tech sector provides tangible examples of how America will see its way to a prosperous and thriving future.  Each year businesses in this sector look at the critical challenges facing our country and find innovative solutions that are both good for the planet and good for the bottom line.

Tonight the Clean Tech Open will highlight start-up businesses that can excel in the midst of this difficult climate.  Winners in this competition will go on to the National competition and it’s no accident that our region consistently ranks at the top of these standings.

My challenge to you is to speak up and be heard.  Members of Congress need to know about your good work and see the path to economic prosperity that clean tech provides.  As the economic situation in the United States continues to drag on, many in Congress view investments in infrastructure and innovation as just more deficit spending.

The deficit is a real issue, but we need to do more to fix our economy.  Simply cutting our way to prosperity will not work.  We are at a crossroads and the President has put forth a plan to invigorate our economy and create jobs.  You are proof that investments and innovation are not wasteful and your voices need to be heard in the national discourse.

Thank you again for all your work.  I am proud to represent a region renowned for its innovation and entrepreneurs.



Jim McDermott