Snohomish PUD Nets Award for “Solar Express” Program

Snohomish County Public Utility District has been awarded the state’s “Best Utility Solar Financing Program” by Washington Sunrise 2030. The award was presented at the Northwest Solar Summit in early November. The PUD offers one of the most comprehensive solar energy programs for customers in the Pacific Northwest.

PUD Cash Incentives/Loans: PUD residential customers can apply for a 2.9% APR loan up to $25,000 for photovoltaic panels and up to $14,000 for solar hot water systems. Under one of the utility’s financing scenarios, a customer could finance a solar panel installation for less than $200/month, spread over a 10-year time period.

Residential customers can instead opt for incentives of up to $2,500 for solar photovoltaic systems and commercial customers can qualify for up to $10,000. All customers with electric hot water systems can qualify for a $500 incentive for solar hot water systems. Customers may also qualify for additional federal tax credits and state production incentives. The utility can help customers look at various options to calculate expected energy production and their return on investment.

Solar Express is one of the ways the PUD is promoting clean, locally-generated renewable resources. For more information, including qualifications, call the PUD Energy Hotline at 425-783-1700 or visit

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Call Media Relations at 425-783-8444.

Source:  SnoPUD Press Release, November 15, 2011.