Trafficlink Rebranded INRIX

Source: Inrix Press Release, January 18, 2012.

INRIX, the leading international provider of traffic information and intelligent driver services, today announced a complete rebranding of the U.K.’s leading traffic information and travel news service Trafficlink to INRIX.

“Whether travelers get their information from radio and T.V. news reports or over the Internet, the INRIX mark provides them with a brand they can trust for the most reliable real-time traffic reports, travel times and traffic forecasts,” said Nick Simmons, Managing Director of INRIX media.

Added INRIX Senior Vice President of Marketing and Product Management Bill Schwebel, “Utilizing our industry leading technology and the country’s largest community of drivers, we’re going to start offering broadcasters a host of new and improved services designed to help them to better serve the country’s 34 million drivers.”

Radio, TV and Internet media immediately benefit from more accurate, up-to-the-minute traffic reports as well as detailed analysis of traffic news events due to weather, accidents and other incidents. An industry first, INRIX will begin providing media with reliable traffic forecasts offering drivers unique insight into what they can expect on the road hours, days even weeks in advance.

Through INRIX’s traffic intelligence platform and the world’s largest community of drivers, the company uniquely analyzes real-time data from millions vehicles and hundreds of public and private sources to provide customers with the most accurate real-time traffic information, travel times, and traffic news reports available. INRIX Traffic Forecasts uniquely analyzes real-time and historical traffic information with smart data on traffic-impacting local events like holidays, weather, concerts and sporting events to deliver insight that helps drivers save time, fuel and frustration every day.

Trafficlink was acquired by INRIX as part of the company’s acquisition of Manchester-based ITIS Holdings in August. Trafficlink is the country’s largest provider of real-time traffic and travel news to local, regional and national broadcast media. From broadcast studios in six Traffic Intelligence Centre’s across the U.K., Trafficlink’s team of traffic analysts, editors and supporting staff broadcast hundreds of traffic and travel news reports every day to more 400 commercial and BBC radio and TV stations. It also powers road, rail, air and ferry traveller information services for local and national transport agencies in England, Wales and Scotland.

About INRIX:  INRIX® is a leading global provider of real-time traffic information and connected driving services in the car, online and on mobile devices. With more than 200 customers and partners including Audi AG, ADAC, ANWB, the BBC, Ford Motor Company, I-95 Coalition, MapQuest, Microsoft, NAVIGON, Nissan, O2, Tele Atlas, Telmap, TeleNav, Toyota and Vodafone, INRIX’s real-time traffic and traffic forecasts help drivers save time every day.

INRIX Traffic Services leverage sophisticated statistical analysis techniques, originally developed by Microsoft Research, to aggregate and enhance traffic-related information from hundreds of public and private sources, including traditional road sensors and the company’s unique network of more than 30 million connected vehicles and devices. INRIX delivers highly accurate real-time and historical traffic information today for 30 countries worldwide. To experience the traffic technology revolution behind the next generation of navigation and location-based service applications, visit