Pivotal Leaders Announces 2012 Class

Pivotal Leaders announced twenty new members of their network.  They join the network of 47 other Pivotal Leaders named in 2010 and 2011.  The 2012 additions are:

  • Susan Anderson, Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability
  • David Benson, Stoel Rives**
  • Michael Butler, Cascadia Capital**
  • Clark Brockman, SERA Architects
  • Liz Dunn, Dunn + Hobbes
  • Ruby Gates, Encapsys, Inc. and MarketShift Strategies
  • Billy Glover, Boeing Commercial Airplanes
  • Bert Gregory, Mithun**
  • Margi Hoffmann, Office of Governor John Kitzhaber
  • Vanessa Keitges, Columbia Green Technologies
  • Steve Klein, Snohomish County PUD**
  • Justin Klure, Pacific Energy Ventures
  • Byron McCann, Ascent Partners
  • Mark Owen, Puralytics
  • Megan Owen, McKinstry
  • Sam Pardue, Indow Windows
  • Gregg Semler, Lucid Energy
  • Cal Shirley, Puget Sound Energy
  • Rachel Shimshak, Renewable Northwest Project
  • Jason Twill, Vulcan

** Washington Clean Technology Alliance Board Members

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