Recharge: Dave Reichert Profiled on Wind Energy

Washington State has an unexpected advocate pushing for wind-energy technology, according to Recharge.   Congressman Dave Reichert is running for his fifth term in the House of Representatives from Washington State’s eighth congressional district and including wind in his all-of-the-above energy-independence strategy.

Reichert introduced legislation last year to extend the wind-energy production tax-credit (PTC) another four years.  Though many of his party remains skeptical about wind-energy, he claims that some members are coming around.  2013 installations are heavily dependent on the PTC and 37,000 jobs depend upon it.  The Congressman attributes his wind education to WCTA member Puget Sound Energy (PSE) and has been worked on legislative details that affect PSE’s portfolio.

For the full article: Benjamin Romano, Recharge, June 7, 2012.