Selling in China: An Internet Strategy



Export Now is a partner, along with other firms, in the creation of a web  portal designed to aid U.S. companies build sales in China.  The system is designed to maximize the ease of use for U.S. businesses and presents in China as a fully functioning ‘e-shopping mall.’  Export Now provides compliance, exchange, translation, marketing, website, freight, etc. for U.S. companies seeking to access Chinese consumer buyers.

Tmall was launched in 2008.  It has extensive brand selection and has been established as the on line destination for authentic, quality products for Chinese consumers.  It is the most visited B2C online retail website in China.  Sales expected to be $248 billion in 2013.   There are 400 million registered users and more than ten million unique visitors per day.  In 2011, Tmall registered $15.7 billion in gross merchandise value.  Brands include the NFL, Sun-Maid, and k’nex.