EU Study: Power Disruptions in the Future are Likely

An EU-funded study published this month in Nature Climate Science Journal found that disruptions in Europe’s electricity supply are set to increase in the future.  According to the researchers, Europe’s thermoelectric power plants (nuclear or fossil) will increasingly suffer from drops in production or temporary shutdowns as a result of insufficient amounts of cooling water, due to climate change.  In practical terms, the research suggests higher water temperatures and reduced river flows could translate into a 6% to 19% drop in the power-generating capacity of such plants between 2031 and 2060, leading to a decrease in energy security.  This phenomenon is also likely to trigger higher electricity prices.   Read more here.

Source:  APCO Worldwide website.  Includes current commentary on European Oil & Gas, Renewables, Solar, Biofuels, Emission Trading Schedules, Infrastructure, and Energy Efficiency.