SnoPUD Taking on Largest River Project–Media Briefing

Snohomish County PUD is taking on its largest environmental improvement project to date for fish on the Sultan River.  SnoPUD will enhance or create 10,000 feet – or roughly two miles – of habitat for juvenile salmon in the Sultan River. The utility is carving out new side channels, installing a series of logjams and airlifting by helicopter tons of additional timber to provide diverse habitat and safe havens for migrating fish.  Reporters will see timber airlifted by helicopter and then walk down to the river to view the actual river improvements.  The river enhancements will provide optimal conditions for young salmon. This project is one of many improvements in the Sultan Basin connected to the PUD’s new federal license for the Jackson Hydroelectric Project.

  • Osprey Park
  • 1st Street & High Street
  • Just Northwest of Downtown Sultan
  • Wednesday, August 22, 2012
  • 10:30-11:30 am

CONTACT:  Neil Neroutsos, Snohomish County PUD, 425-783-8444 office, 425-290-0184 pager,