Pterofin Raising Capital

WCTA member and Pacific Northwest Cleantech Open Semifinalist Pterofin is raising capital.

Pterofin is a Seattle-based clean technology company developing innovative energy generation devices based on biomimicry. The company’s oscillating fin technology quietly generates more power in low-speed wind and water currents than traditional Pelton wheels or turbines while eliminating the environmental impact and expense of fossil fuels.  The designs harness energy from flowing air or water using the same natural movements displayed by bird wings and fish fins and can be unobtrusively deployed in natural watercourses, such as rivers, streams, and oceanic tidal currents.  The Pterofin “Manta” device-–a submerged, hydroelectric fin based on a patent-pending oscillating technology that mimics the powerful wings of a manta ray–addresses the $13 billion small hydroelectric market, beginning with the $436 million US irrigation segment.  The Manta can enable farmers to switch from diesel-powered pumps on canal-irrigated farms to Pterofin’s exclusive hydroelectric technology.

Find information here.  A new technology page can be found here.