Itron: 2.2 Million Smart Meters Installed in Houston Area

Itron announced that CenterPoint Energy has completed the installation of more than 2.2 million Itron smart meters in the Houston. Texas area.  Itron’s smart meters are part of CenterPoint Energy’s smart grid initiative, designed to give consumers more control over their energy consumption and in the future, support improvements in electric reliability and power restoration.

With Itron’s smart grid solution, CenterPoint Energy has seen an increase in operational efficiency by virtually eliminating manual meter reading and service order work saving time, fuel and money.  For example, the company is now electronically reading all meters daily at a 99.5 percent accuracy rate.

With remote disconnect/reconnect capabilities and automation of routine service transactions, CNP has avoided more than 3.5 million truck rolls, or service visits by field service representatives, since August 2009.  Earlier this summer, CenterPoint Energy performed 20,000 connect/disconnect service orders in a single day.

Source: Itron Press Release, September 28, 2012.