GIViNGtrax is Officially Launched

WCTA member company GIViNGtrax has officially launched and has been selected as one of 77 companies to launch at the prestigious DEMO Fall 2012 event in Santa Clara, CA.

GIViNGtrax was created in 2010 by two individuals, passionate about supporting their community.  Over the life of their small businesses, Karrie and Lance Hungerford have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash, in-kind, and labor to nonprofit organizations throughout their community.  GIVINGtrax was created as a collaborative effort to address the challenges faced by non-profits.  It provides patent-pending technologies to overhaul a manual and cumbersome process that local businesses face and enables them to give more, engage their customers and employees in their community endeavors, raise awareness of the contributions that they make every day, and to showcase the impact of those gifts in their local community. GIVINGtrax is the platform for collaborative & transparent Philanthropy.

Find media coverage in  PC Magazine and in VentureBeat.