Itron Wins Southern California Gas Co. Deal

Southern California Gas Company will install nearly 1.5 million Itron gas meters and more than 600,000 gas regulators as a part of an advanced metering project that will begin in the fourth quarter of 2012.  The contract includes a minimum of 1.2 million residential gas meters, 200,000 residential curb meters and 50,000 light commercial meters for measurement of gas usage.

“Itron is proud to work with SoCalGas, a leader in natural gas distribution, as it upgrades its natural gas metering system,” said Philip Mezey, Itron president and chief operations officer of Energy. “Itron’s gas metering expertise and depth of industry knowledge helps natural gas utilities like SoCalGas meet their business needs.”

1 thought on “Itron Wins Southern California Gas Co. Deal

  1. Calling a gas meter advanced is a mseiomnr and a joke. The gas meters are Automated Meter Reading (AMR) meters. There is no such thing as an Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) for gas.An advanced electric meter is a different story, but the electric SmartMeters being deployed are not AMI meters, they are simple AMR meters.A real advanced electric meter is paid for by the customers ($5000+ each), and is of value to the commercial and industrial customers that have been using them for years, but the SmartMeters are of value to no customer, only the utility to eliminate the meter reading department.But guess what ?, the AMR SmartMeters are not capable of monitoring or recording current flowing bi-directionally, so the analog, TOU and demand response meters must still be read by meter readers. The utility corporations really shot themselves in the foot this time, they will never eliminate the meter reading department with the current SmartMeters that they chose for deployment. And they are stuck with these simple meters until the next round comes, which may be never !. Considering the cost to replace all the residential AMR meters with AMI meters, there is no possible way that will ever happen.Since PG&E charged the ratepayers $2.2 billion for 10 million AMR meters, then they would have to charge the ratepayers $230 billion for advanced electric meters And PG&E has other problems that need attention.. Right now, PG&E has not even started upgrading the electrical power grid, which will cost $300 million and take 10 years to complete, once they get started in one or two years.

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