Hydrovolts named Best of Tidal Hydro in Global Top 10 Later Stage Award Winners

HydrovoltsWCTA Member Hydrovolts was one of the Global Top 10 Winners of the 2012 Later Stage Awards presented by the Global Cleantech Cluster Association.  A producer of hydrokinetic turbines that generate renewable energy from moving water in canals and water treatments facilities, Hydrovolts economically generates reliable, local clean power in millions of locations around the world.

As renewable energy and clean technology grows in global importance, the winners of the Global Cleantech Cluster Association (GCCA) Later Stage Award reflect the increasing success of this $163.1 billion global market.  The GCCA’s Global Top 10 Winners  represent the best of the association’s  over 4500 member companies and were recognized on November 12 in Savannah.  The GCCA Global Top 10 Winners were judged by 28 cleantech venture capital and private equity investors and serial entrepreneurs, who collectively manage over $3.5 billion in global clean technology investment. The winning companies presented their technologies in a forum at the Savannah International Clean Energy Conference.

“Cleantech and sustainability are no longer a niche. They are out performing most market sectors in growth, even during the recession,” said Ben Taube, Chairman of the GCCA. “These 2012 Top 10 winners are indicative of the increasing strength of their sectors.”

In total, 200 companies were nominated by cleantech member clusters for the 2012 Later Stage Awards. That number was later narrowed to the Global Top 30 Semi-Finalists and then to the Top 10 Winners.