EnerG2 Featured in Seattle Business Magazine

In virtually every industry sector, whether it’s next-generation automobiles, smartphones or electricity generation, there is a common challenge: finding efficient, effective and low-cost ways to store and deliver energy. EnerG2 Technologies, a small Seattle startup with big ambitions, has developed a process for custom-designing carbon materials that could help battery makers take on many of those challenges.The technology’s potential was regarded as significant enough to attract a $21.3 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy to help pay for a new factory in Oregon.  EnerG2 has also attracted more than $17 million from venture capitalists including OVP Venture Partners of Kirkland/Portland and Firelake Capital Management of Palo Alto.  In addition, the state of Washington provided a $1.8 million grant and loan package.

Read the full story here:  Source:  Leslie Helm, Seattle Business, January 2013.