SnoPUD: Tips to Ease Winter Bills & Improve Comfort

With cooler winter weather, there are steps you can take to reduce energy waste and improve comfort in your home.  For additional information, including details about conservation programs, call the PUD Energy Hotline at 425-783-1700 or click here.

  • To cut heat loss, close your drapes at night and open them during the day to let the sun in and warm your home.
  • Check your heating ducts to ensure they’re properly sealed and insulated. This can cut up to 25 percent off your heating bill.
  • Lower heating costs and improve air quality by cleaning or changing your furnace air filters every two months during the heating season.
  • Caulk and weather-strip windows and doors.
  • Set your thermostat at 68 degrees or lower when you’re home. For every three degrees you lower it from your normal setting, you save 10 percent on heating. Lower it to 55 degrees when you go to bed or when you’re not at home.
  • If your home has a fireplace, keep the damper closed when you’re not using it and use a glass screen to minimize the heat loss.
  • Dress warmer when the days get colder. It’s less expensive and more efficient than turning up the heat

 Source:  SnoPUD Press Release, January 23, 2013.