Olympia Legislative Report, February 1, 2013

Washington Clean Tech Alliance
Prepared by:  Boswell Consulting

Governor Inslee made it clear during his breakfast on Thursday morning with various Senators and Representatives that energy was a top priority on his list. The House Environment Committee discussed new energy technologies, storage innovations, a need for change in capacity and development, and research funding. In the end, Representatives seemed interested in change but concerned with costs tied to unpredictable and unknown outcomes. Senator Ericksen made it clear on Thursday that the Senate’s Energy, Environment and Telecommunications Committee’s three goals were matched by Governor Inslee. These three goals are to “keep energy cost affordable for the people of WA, create energy sector jobs and utilize new energy technologies to  accomplish the top two goals.” It is still unknown how much money will be spent in this area with the Education and Health Care Reforms still at the top of the legislative list, but it is a step in the right direction.

The full report including the Bill Tracking Report can be found here.