CleanTech Job Overview – 2013

CleanTech Alliance continually works to quantify cleantech jobs. That’s not an easy task since the cleantech industry is both a vertical and horizontal industry sector. Cleantech jobs are found in all industry sectors.

  • Aerospace jobs develop alternative jet fuels and optimize flight efficiency and aerodynamics.
  • Software jobs create the next-generation of energy systems and controls.
  • Manufacturing jobs produce solar panels, batteries and other advanced materials.
  • Biomedical jobs optimize laboratory energy efficiency and sustainability.

Trying to segregate cleantech from other industries does everyone a disservice. Instead, the CleanTech Alliance focuses on spotlighting cleantech jobs across all sectors. We cross-referenced Department of Commerce 2013 job numbers and NAICS code classifications with our membership data and surveys.

The results identified more than 87,500 direct and more 165,000 indirect cleantech jobs across Washington State in 2013.

Cleantech jobs in our top key industries include:

  • Transportation: 15,161
  • Construction: 15,013
  • Waste & Recycling: 12,428
  • Energy Generation & Distribution: 11,078
  • Scientific & Technical Research: 5,539
  • Manufacturing: 3,426

Let’s celebrate that creating a strong cleantech industry sector and creating cleantech jobs raises all industries!  Washington State needs more skilled chemists, engineers, building managers, entrepreneurs, technical works and other job types focused on clean technologies, energy and sustainability. The CleanTech Alliance is committed to help make that happen.



J. Thomas Ranken

President & CEO

CleanTech Alliance