3 City of Seattle Planning Commissioners Sought

The City of Seattle is looking for candidates to serve on the Seattle Planning Commission beginning in April 2013.

Planning Commission members are appointed by the Mayor or the City Council to serve renewable, three-year terms. This year, three positions will open in all; one position will be appointed by the Mayor and two will be appointed by the City Council.

The 16-member Commission advises the Mayor, Council, and City departments on citywide planning goals, policies, and plans and provides them with independent and objective advice on land-use and zoning, transportation and housing issues. In the recent past the Commission helped set the urban planning agenda for the city by raising the visibility of important issues such as vibrant and successful transit communities, an action plan for affordable housing, and the importance of including livability features like schools, open space, parks, plazas, street lights, libraries, and community centers in neighborhoods slated for substantial job and residential growth.

The Planning Commission reflects a broad range of professional and community experience and perspectives and seeks to be representative of the ethnic, racial, cultural, and socioeconomic diversity of the Seattle community. The Commission is seeking candidates with skills and experience in housing, transportation, urban planning, and development experience as well as community-building expertise.

Participation in the Planning Commission requires a significant commitment. This includes attendance at monthly meetings (the second and fourth Thursdays of each month) and participation on at least one sub-committee that meets monthly. Commissioners also attend and participate in relevant public meetings and events.

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